Our Story..

Mrs Mop began in 2020 and since then our passion has seen us transform many properties from chaos to spotless. We love organising spaces and enjoy the satisfaction of emptying areas and putting them back together just right.

We truly care about our customers and their homes, and we always endeavour to offer flexibility so that we’re available to clean exactly when it’s needed. We work with our customers and will change days or hours where necessary to help other customers needing help and we try to adapt prices to budgets to keep our service affordable.

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My life-changing services include organizing spaces such as:

◈ Closets

◈ Wardrobe

◈ Cabinets

◈ Storage spaces

◈ Bedrooms

◈ Kitchens

◈ Children’s rooms

◈ Play rooms

◈ Multi-purpose rooms

Entrepreneurism is key to recovery..

“Stay positive and adapt!” says shopkeeper, Maria Gomes, who owns Klozet Fashion Concept , a retail shop on Pilmuir St, Dunfermline.

“Small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic but you can either submit to difficult circumstances or look for the opportunities. That’s why I’ve also now started my own cleaning & tidying service.” says Maria.

Maria did her fair share of difficult jobs, including working in a fish factory, when she first moved to Scotland from her native Portugal in 2013. Having previously earned herself a degree in Portuguese law, she still offers online legal advice. However, in 2020 she opened Klozet and now ‘Mrs Mop’ has been added to her portfolio of businesses in Dunfermline.

“I love Scottish people because they have a natural entrepreneurial attitude. It was the story of Andrew Carnegie that attracted me to Dunfermline in the first place. I know what it’s like to start from scratch but I think having the latin spirit is also an added advantage. I always need to keep moving and explore my passion for improving things. So far, this has comes out in ideas for fashion, household cleaning, tidying and arranging.”

As we all re-emerge from the lockdown, Maria hopes that her Portuguese enthusiasm rubs off on others and helps them to stay positive about the future.

“Find your passion and use that to push you forward. Things will always get better if you work hard and look for ways you can improve the situation.” she says.

‘Mrs Mop’ can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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Quality service

Quality service

Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Outstanding customer service

Outstanding customer service

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